Videos Enhance Listings (Sample Video at the Bottom)

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If you’ve been following my newsletters you’ve read about my evolution in the field of photography and the importance of quality photos in listings. Now I’m moving in to the next phase and working on mastering the art of videography for use in listings. I’ll fill you in on what I’ve learned and will show you below some of the unique features that I can include in videos now.


The first and most important piece of equipment is the camera. In the video example below I have 2 shots taken with my iPhone 5s and 1 taken with my Canon that I also use for photographs. You’ll see the difference in the quality and there’s no doubt that using a quality camera is vital.

The next piece of equipment needed is a tripod. Again, in the video below, the iPhone shots are handheld and the Canon shot is using a tripod.

In addition to the tripod, the head piece of the tripod needs to be a ‘fluid’ head which means that when you rotate the camera it moves smoothly with no jerkiness. Though it is subtle you can see some jerkiness in the high quality pool shot in the video below. To improve on this I’ve just ordered a fluid head for my tripod.

In the future I’ll be looking at sliders that will allow movement forward, backward or side-to-side in a video.


Having the right equipment will help in getting good quality shots. But to produce the finished video it is also important to have the right software. To give a video that little extra and to make it more interesting, there are software programs that let you add some unique finishing touches.

I have 3 new software programs that I have been starting to use that let me add captions that are the kind you’d see on cable TV shows and also will let me add in ‘whiteboard’ videos with a hand writing text or drawing an image.


I’ve been running into more sellers lately being sold on other agents because of their use of drone photography or videos. I looked at the photos and videos after these listings went live and found that the quality of the drone photos was not good and looked very distorted while the drone videos did not help in showing the home well to a prospective buyer and the gimmick of it distracted from the presentation of the home. Both are more gimmicky right now than anything else and don’t contribute to the final result – in fact they can reduce the effectiveness of the result in many cases. These are really only valuable for waterfront, large acreage or unique luxury properties and only when used correctly.

Sample Video

In the video sample below you will see:

1. an animated intro, followed by

2. an outdoor shot taken with my iPhone with a basic caption as well as an animated caption, and then

3. an indoor shot with an animated caption.

4. Following that is an outdoor shot taken by my Canon camera on a tripod with 2 basic captions.

5. Finally you’ll get to see a whiteboard video which includes a text-to-speech caption.

This sample video is set up to give you a quick look at some of the unique features I can include. A final video would be much more polished and would either have music or narration throughout the video.


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