Tampa Bay and Clearwater Beach Real Estate Peak Season in Spring to Early Summer

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Pinellas County residential real estate sales graph Jan 2007 thru Mar 2016

If you look back on the sales graphs over the past several years you’ll see that sales are typically lowest in Jan and Feb and then start increasing Mar through Jul or Aug with Apr to Jun usually being the top months. This has been known as the Spring Buying Season or the Peak Buying Season. But did you ever wonder why that was?

Back in the early 1930s…..

Actually it doesn’t have anything to do with that. But there are a few factors that come into play.

From Christmas until about the middle of January most people’s attention is on the holidays and their aftermath. In November and December, most buyers want to close before the end of the year. Those two factors result in a typical slight increase in sales in December and a low point in Jan.

As activity starts to increase in later Jan and then into Feb, more contracts are being written but those are usually have their closings 30-45 days in the future which would put them into the last week of Feb or sometime in March.

March and April are the peak vacation months in this area – just try getting a rental condo or home for those months! There are a lot more people here and a percentage of those visitors want to retire to the area and that sparks more sales. Add to that the group of people who have plans to move their family after their current school year ends and before the new one begins. That group of people will have a definite effect on sales from April/May through July/August.

So once you add all those groups together that have a seasonal-type effect you can see that there is a reason why the Spring and early Summer period is normally the strongest buying season here each year.

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