Staging Your Home Starts At….

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One of the key factors which determines whether a home sells at the highest possible price in the optimum time frame is the appearance of the property, how appealing it is to buyers and whether it looks like it is worth what is being asked.

To create the optimum impact, staging a home is a necessity. This includes using a home staging professional but can also just be work done by the seller themselves under the guidance of an experienced real estate agent.

But when working out a plan for staging a home so as to get the best result, what has to be considered as being the place where the staging effect starts?

If you said the front yard and front of the house you are correct!

Those are the first things that a buyer will see when they come to see your home in person and they will help create a first impression that can make or break the sale of your home.

Yes, the buyer has probably already seen photos of your home online and like it enough to come in person to see it. But when they pull up in front of your home do they get the impression that the photos they saw really reflect your home or do they begin to think that maybe the photos are better than the actual house itself?

What should you do to make a good first impression?

Be sure that your front lawn is kept up well, is cut regularly and doesn’t have weeds. Have a nice mailbox out front – replace or fix up yours if it is looking rough. Make sure that both your garage door and front door are in good shape and repaint them if they don’t look great. Have some tasteful landscaping at the front of your house if you don’t already have some. And some simple decorative items at your front entrance or porch are a good idea – especially if they are inviting and match the quality level of what the buyer will see inside.

Look at these 2 photos and tell me which of these would create the better 1st impression for you?

This one:

Front view of new construction brick home

Or this one:

Front of Palm Harbor house for sale

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