Selling Your Condo or Home Depends on Good Photos

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One the most important things that is necessary to sell your condo or home in a reasonable time and for the best price is having good quality photos.

When you’ve looked at listings, the photos of the properties you look at are probably one of the first things you pay attention to.

In fact, other than the description, the photos are what most people look at and in many cases these will determine whether or not any other info will be viewed.

In addition to the training I’ve done recently regarding the marketing and sales of luxury homes and overall training to be even more successful with buyers and sellers, I also did training regarding photography for listings.

One thing I found out was that though photos taken using a smartphone are not bad, they are not quite good enough for what is needed to get homes and condos sold. One thing I’ve noticed when using my smartphone for taking photos is that when there is a room with a window, the lighting can make it difficult to get a good picture and that it is impossible to get a photos where you can both see the room and see the view out the window.

To be able to get the best possible photos for my clients I went out and got a Canon Digital SLR (single-lens reflex) camera. This is the kind of camera that has the large lens and the ability to manually adjust settings to get the best exposure and photographs.

The other tool that is required to get the best possible photos is a tripod, which I already had.

The last step was to learn how to use the software Photoshop to deal with situations like the room with a window. I found a simple way to get a photo that shows the room and the view out the window and can now produce the type of pictures that will attract more buyers.

Here is an example of a room with a window that has a view that would normally.

This first photo shows the view out the window but the room is too dark:


This next photo shows the room well but you don’t see the view out the window:

And finally, the photo that went with the listing that showed both the room and the view. Much better, huh?

This was just one of the things I learned about how to get the best photos for listings and now I know that I can get even better results with my clients’ listings.

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