Sea Island condos on Island Estates

There are actually 3 different complexes located on Island Estates names Sea Island – one on Island Way, one on Skiff Pt. and one on Larboard Way.


Of the three, the one that has the largest condos is the one on Island Way. All 3 complexes only have 2 bedroom condos, most have 2 bathrooms but a few have only one bathroom and a few have 1 1/2 bathrooms.

The Island Way complex has condos ranging from 1335 sq. ft. to 1840 sq. ft. Those on Larboard Way are typically 1005 sq. ft. but there are a handful that are as large as 1185 sq. ft. The ones on Skiff Pt. are typically 1095 sq. ft. although there is one that is over 1500 sq. ft.


All 3 complexes are waterfront but none have a pool. The building on Island Way is a 3 story building while the ones on Larboard and Skiff are both 2 story buildings.

Monthly Fees

Fees in the complexes range from $360 to $480 and include different things from cmoplex to complex so you will need to verify information for whichever complex you may be looking at.


Check to verify the info for the particular complex you are interested in.


Again, check to verify the info for the complex you have interest in.

(Information provided above is taken from MLS listings at the time of writing and its accuracy should be verified before purchasing any property in this complex.)
To see the condos currently for sale in any of the Sea Island complexes on Island Estates just look below (if you aren’t already registered to view listings you will need to do so now).