Horizon House Co-op on Island Estates

The first building you’ll see when you enter Island Estates is the Horizon House co-op high-rise building on the right side.


These are reasonably priced condos which are a good size and many have great waterviews.

The condos range from a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom condo with 995 to 1015 sq. ft., to the most common ones which have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with 1295 to 1420 sq. ft., all the way up to a couple of 3 bedroom 3 bathroom condos with 1613 sq. ft.


In addition to being a short walk to the shopping and restaurants on Island Estates or even to Clearwater Beach, the Horizon House complex also has a geothermal-heated swimming pool, exercise room, fishing pier and an electronic surveillance system.

Monthly Fees

Monthly fees are high but considering the sizes of the condos and the fact that your electric bill is included in the fee, they are somewhat comparable to what you’d pay for fees+electric for similar sized properties. 1 bedroom condo fees start at $450 and 2 bedroom condo fees can go up to $735 for the larger ones.


Pets are not allowed in this complex.


Renting is not allowed in this complex.

(Information provided above is taken from MLS listings at the time of writing and its accuracy should be verified before purchasing any property in this complex.)