Clearwater Beach Home Sellers – 5 Things That Turn Off Buyers

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I’ve seen it from both the buyer’s and the seller’s side – the wrong things to do when your house or condo is going to be shown to a potential buyer.

Interestingly enough, these are some of the very same things that buyers have commented on to me after showings so I know from personal experience that these are valid points.

Even though our current inventory levels are down and sales are strong, a condo or house that shows poorly won’t sell as quickly or for the optimum price for the seller so if you are trying to sell then pay attention to these 5 points.

Common Mistakes by Sellers

By Paul Owers, Sun Sentinel

Home sellers find interest heats up in the spring as many families look to get settled in a new place before the school year starts in August.

But the traditional March-through-May buying season can be a dud for sellers who don’t deliver what they promise or who stand over buyers as they open cupboards and peek in bedrooms.

“Some sellers are their own worst enemies,” said Michael Citron, an agent for RE/MAX ParkCreek in Broward County.

Here are five things that turn off prospective buyers:

A cluttered house or one that smells. When sellers have too many possessions, buyers have a hard time imagining themselves living there. Sellers should put their stuff in storage – or move out altogether, if possible.

Pet odors also are a big turn-off, as is a house that reeks of cigarette or cigar smoke. “If buyers smell smoke, they’ll walk out immediately,” said Jon Klein, an agent for Real Living 1st Choice Realty in Coral Springs…


I still remember one house I showed a client that fit this exactly.  It was a complete mess and they couldn’t wait to get out of it.

One of the other points they go over in the article is about having the condo or home owner present during the showing.  From my experience this can go either way.

In some cases the owner is unobtrusive and has a lot of information about the house and the community and is helpful with questions the buyer has – this is an advantage.

In other cases, the owner ‘clings’ to us as we go through the condo or house and makes sure to point out every little thing that they feel we should know about but in many cases these are things the buyers don’t really care about – this is a big disadvantage because buyers can’t talk openly between themselves and often spend less time in the property as they want to get away from the owner.

This is a good article that I would recommend reading.

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