Clearwater Beach Condos and Homes – Tips to Sell Faster

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Well kept house that sold

When you want to sell your home or condo you want it to sell as quickly as possible and for the best price possible.  But what things should you be doing to make sure this will happen.

In 2011, Randall Cantrell who is a housing specialist with the University of Florida had a difficult time selling his home and was inspired to write a guide for homesellers which gives short-term and long-term fixes to keep a condo or home in the best condition to sell.

Making a condo or home appealing to buyers is an important factor in the home or condo selling quickly and getting the best price so it makes sense that keeping up with certain maintenance and appearance tasks would assist with this.

There are a lot of things that can be done that are not expensive but go a long way to making a home or condo more appealing to buyers and the guides Mr. Cantrell goes over a lot of these.

Here is just part of the information in these guides as discussed in an article on the Florida Realtor’s Association site:

In the short-term category for keeping one’s home ready to sell, he lists such tasks as ensuring that the doorbell works, that fences are painted, intact and have working gate latches, keeping cars parked neatly and taking care that the mailbox is properly maintained and has reflective address numbers.

Cantrell even suggests keeping a fresh-looking welcome mat at the front door.

“If a buyer sees one thing that looks like it hasn’t been taken care of, they will wonder what else hasn’t been taken care of,” he said.

In the long-term category, he suggests changes such as taking care that deck boards are flipped nice side up and fastened with screws rather than nails, ensuring that a garage door is sturdy and clean, that tree branches hanging near the house are healthy, and the roof’s shingles aren’t loose, wavy or faded.

He also suggests taking time to check that ceiling-fan blades are balanced – and dusted.  Read the full article…

These guides (especially the first one) give a seller something they can do to feel in control over the whole process of selling a house or condo rather than just sitting back and feeling like there’s nothing that they can do.  The guides are free and can be accessed by clicking the links below.

Improving Savings and Health by Maintaining Your Home at a Ready-to-Sell Level

Improving Savings and Health through Minor Conservation Measures in the Home

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