Brighthouse Savings

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If you or someone you know is moving and will be transferring a Brighthouse account to their new home, condo, townhouse or apartment (owned or rented) – or if they are going to start a new account with Brighthouse, I have been able to arrange with Brighthouse to get a limited number of certificates that can result in a savings of anywhere from $25 to $100 depending on what service(s) are gotten.

Email or text me if you have an interest in this for you or someone you know. I will need to get you the certificate form so that you (or the someone you know) has it when the call is made to Brighthouse to schedule the transfer or to set up the new account.

FYI, Brighthouse no longer has 2 year contracts or any other minimum contract period and using this certificate does not change that (meaning you won’t get locked in for a certain period of time as a Brighthouse customer whether you use the certificate or not).

If you’d need one of the certificates I have left for this quarter, then text me right away at 727-687-1160 or email me at I will be able to get some for next quarter but they do only send me a limited number each quarter.

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